Welcome to Tarot with Emma

Welcome to Tarot with Emma

Welcome to Tarot with EmmaWelcome to Tarot with EmmaWelcome to Tarot with Emma

Psychic Medium and Healer

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About Emma

Emma is a gifted psychic medium and healer. She has a very sensitive and positive approach, enabling people who seek guidance to make real progress, solve problems and give a new direction to their lives. Emma has the ability to hear, see and sense people in spirit relaying messages and often validating events in their past. Emma has many testimonials and is highly recommended by her clients and has been noted for her very accurate readings. 


Face to Face and Distance Readings

Emma has many years' experience using Tarot Cards and Angel Cards. She is a talented medium and has brought comfort to many people. Emma works both face to face and by telephone, and works with people across the UK and around the world.  


Help for Our 4 Legged Friends

In addition to her work with people, Emma offers healing to dogs, cats and small animals. Emma is able to offer advice but always advises her clients to use her advice in conjunction with that of their pet's regular vet.

Book a Reading

Call Emma on 07831 510664 from the UK, +44 07831 510664 Internationally or email below


The comments below are all genuine, heartfelt testimonials from people Emma has worked with:

"I have found Emma's readings to be invaluable over the years. They have been extremely accurate and have given me clarity and perspective when I most needed it."

"I feel I can always trust what she has to say and can rely on her advice on important matters."

"I have had the pleasure of readings with Emma for over ten years, some face to face but most over the telephone from Canada. Consistently her predictions have come true, even when I've totally dismissed them!

"Emma's readings have brought hope and encouragement during a difficult time"

"Emma's readings have provided me with enormous reassurance through a very difficult time in my life. The fact that I have been able to contact Emma by telephone, as well as face to face, has meant that I have managed to speak to her when it has been most important for me to do so."

"Emma is no ordinary psychic: she is a healer, and a counsellor with true empathy and wisdom."

"Emma's presence in my life has become invaluable to me."

"I have every faith in Emma for my personal wellbeing. She has become a valued friend."

"Emma is a wonderful, understanding, compassionate person who can relate to both human and animal. I adopted a retired working dog and I turned to Emma for guidance and healing for several health issues he came to me with. Today I have a dog with a shiny coat, a healthy gut and a zest for life."

"Emma's warmth, insight and incredible psychic ability has helped guide me time and time again."

"Thank you Emma! I don't know what I would have done without you through these past few years. You have been a lifesaver."




07831 510664: UK +44 7831 510664: International

Call or email to discuss how working with with Emma can help you. 



Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. UK law states that we must make clear that 'Tarot with Emma' services are for entertainment purposes only. By making a purchase from this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out: by purchasing a service from this website you are agreeing to be over 18 years of age. once a deposit or payment for a reading has been made you may reschedule if the original time needs to be cancelled.